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Get a Blog for your Website

These days in the web design business, you hear a lot about blogging. There are sites like Twitter and Facebook that allow members to talk about themselves. More and more businesses are promoting their products and services on these social

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A WordPress Tutorial

Wordpress has become one of the most popular content management systems around. While it started primarily as blogging software, it has grown into full content management. Many websites created by South Jersey Websites use WordPress, including our own. This Wordpress tutorial will

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Stick-N-Pick Golf Club Carrier – New Website

South Jersey Websites is creating a new website for a local business that caters to the golfer. Scott Wright Enterprises, has created the Stick-N-Pick Golf Club Carrier. The device is meant to be stuck into the ground, and hold up

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Happy Birthday – South Jersey Websites

It’s sort of our Birthday. Eleven years ago yesterday, March 30, 2003, we registered the domain name, Since then, we created the first website on that domain name, and have designed countless websites for local South Jersey Businesses. There

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JDL Concrete Getting New Website Design

South Jersey Websites created the first website for JDL Concrete about six or seven years ago. They’ve continued to be a loyal client of ours ever since. We’ve hosted and maintained the site for JDL Concrete since the beginning. But

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