Avoid Computer Repair On A Laptop With Five Tips

Avoid Computer Repair On A Laptop With Five Tips

Author: A Stratton

Having a reliable source of computer repair can be a great comfort when your laptop breaks down, but prevention is always the best medicine. Laptops are especially susceptible to problems because they are so mobile. Its mobility is its strength but it can also be its downfall. Exercise a bit of care in order to make yours last longer.

Here are 5 tips for keeping the machine healthy:

1) Invest in a padded case complete with a zipper or buckle.
Make certain that there is adequate padding on both sides of the case and keep it closed up when not in use, in order to avoid dust and dirt seeping in. Toting the fragile laptop around in a backpack, or even worse, no container at all, is inviting damage.

2) Keep your machine away from extreme temperatures. Tossing it into the trunk of a car in mid-summer is not a good idea.
Freezing temperatures and humidity can also be detrimental to the longevity of a notebook.

3) Close its lid and turn it off when not in use. Dust can settle quickly on the keyboard and enter the other openings, as well, creating havoc with the electrical system. Be sure to clean it off as necessary, but keeping it closed up and put away will greatly aid in keeping it spic and span and functioning properly.

4) Watch the food and drink. If you are sipping tea or soda and eating your lunch while working on your notebook, set yourself up to be as stable as possible. Arrange the items you are working on, including your computer and your food items, upon a solid surface such as a desk or table. This will offer optimum chance of successfully carrying out multi-tasking endeavors.

5) Take laptops to the beach with extreme care. The idea of doing your work or carrying out email correspondence while on vacation can be an inviting idea, but do so with extreme caution. Did you know that many digital cameras, electronic devices and computers die on the beach? Blowing sand can be the kiss of death to the fragile makeup of an electronic device.
Sand is even worse than household dust because of its gritty nature. The beach’s sand knows how to mysteriously embed itself into everything that appears along its shoreline–shoes, hair, picnic lunches and most devastating of all – your computer.

Follow the above 5 tips and your laptop will last longer and serve you well. Avoid computer repair issues with some common sense as well as adequate TLC.

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