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Facebook Marketing – A Powerful Business Tool

by Cameron Rocker

Facebook is the dominating force in the social site surge that has had an impact on so many people in the last few years. One billion people using the internet site is a realistic prediction given that there are already more that six million from a company that only started in 2004. This kind of growth is impossible to ignore when contemplating the marketing potential of such a huge global audience and big businesses are already applying this to market their brands. There are those that declare this is now essential for success on the internet and we will take a look at this in greater detail.

Friends chatting and swapping photos is a description you will often get from individuals when you question them about what Facebook is used for. The social side, nevertheless, is where marketing opportunities can be found since people will often give negative or positive reviews of being a consumer themselves. If your own business is discussed in the right way, this is enhanced by the actual fact that the number of hours users spend on Facebook is escalating and a good reputation can spread virally.

We are used to seeing a company’s website url in any advertising material but you will now in addition see their Facebook details. This is not to be confused with personal profiles on Facebook as these are business pages which are being given real prominence. Facebook pages will typically gain momentum through individuals effectively passing the details onto others and this will be advantageous to the business. The like button on a business page allows individuals to become fans of the page and in doing so this can then be seen by the friends of that particular person. This is the viral impact of Facebook and why so much stress is now being given to social media by companies.

The advantages of developing a well thought out page is easy to comprehend. The page could encourage a person to like it for gaining access to information that is then sent to an individual’s email account. As such, as well as accumulating email addresses, the page is becoming liked on a regular basis. This marketing approach can definitely speed up your financial success on the internet.

A Facebook page is effectively free traffic and if you are well prepared to pay for some advertising, you can further accelerate your marketing reach. There are quite a few people who turned to the Facebook Ad network due to the way it could be targeted quite specifically and as such could be cost effective when compared to Google Adwords. The importance of checking out the effectiveness of any form of paid traffic is the very same when using Facebook.

If you are linked to any sort of internet business, Facebook can provide the tools to take you to a greater level if used in the proper way.

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Internet Marketing Via Twitter

by Trishia Hope

Getting your brand or company on the social networks is now part of most internet marketing plans. Most marketers will recommend you go the Facebook or Twitter way. Let’s tackle Twitter first.

Once you’ve set up your company’s Twitter account, you’ll have to begin connecting with people. It’s important to know who you want to connect with. Obviously, you’d want to build connections with current clients or customers as well as with potential ones. So make sure your Twitter handle as well as the “Follow Us on Twitter” widget is found in all your webpages or wherever your website address is posted.

Since you’re doing web marketing, follow reliable resources on Twitter. Then start following people whom you know uses your brand or the services of your company. Twitter allows you to create lists of people to follow. So you can actually create target audiences or segments. Follow people who might be interested in your products or services. You may group them according to demographics or profession.

Don’t just tweet product updates or company promos. Tweet questions that will draw out people’s views about your products or services, even how your store staff treats its customers. This is one way of getting feedback. Acknowledge honest questions about your products. Address queries about the company. For complaints about a product or service, tweet back that you can discuss this over an online chat, via email or, better yet through a phone conversation.

Use tweets from followers as leads for a blog post. Then once you’ve posted an article about it on your blog, tweet this as well. It encourages your Twitter followers to read your blog and consequently get more substantial information about whatever concerns them about your company and its products or services.

Take advantage of #FollowFridays to acknowledge people who have retweeted your company’s tweets the most. Include reliable and influential Twitter accounts that are connected to you.

Posting tweets isn’t the only way to go when using Twitter for internet marketing. You have to do metrics. This includes knowing how many tweets you posted and how many of those have been retweeted by followers. You have to know how many new followers you have and how many of those have mentioned you or retweeted your tweets.

You also have to measure how many Twitter accounts have your Twitter name on their lists and how many of these are your new followers. Measure also the number of discussion your Twitter account has had with other users.

Doing Twitter metrics can be tricky. But with patience and perseverance, you can draw out interesting and useful results that will improve your brand or services and as a result lead to more satisfied and loyal customers.

With the continued increase in social media marketing, tending your company’s social media accounts can no longer be assigned a simple couple of hours. If you want to be successful in web marketing via the social networks, your company should have a staff member wholly dedicated to attending one or two social media accounts like Twitter.

About the Author

Trishia Hope is an enthusiastic web designer, currently living in Nevada,USA.She is passionate in writing about graphic and web design,social media, blogging, freelancing and loves home decorating. Find out more about Web Marketing.

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Featured Client: MP Murphy Industrial Contractors

South Jersey Websites is spotlighting the  website for MP Murphy Industrial Contractors.

MP Murphy – Industrial Contractors, LLC., is located in Paulsboro, NJ.

They provide services such as: comprehensive industrial and maintenance services specializing in the civil and labor sectors.

South Jersey Websites created the site for MP Murphy.

Visit the site at:

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New Website Design For Hartley’s Rain Gutters Plus

South Jersey Websites has just been signed up to design a new website for Hartley’s Rain Gutters Plus.

Hartley’s Rain Gutters Plus is based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, but also serves the South Jersey area. They do contracting services such as roofing, siding, windows, doors, and of course, rain gutters.

The website, will be created using WordPress, and will feature a photo gallery. The site will also have a responsive webs design, so it will be compatible with all devices such as tablets and smart phones.

When the site launches, we’ll provide a link to it.

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Featured Client: Gloucester Plumbing Supply

Gloucester Plumbing Supply has been serving the South Jersey area for  47 years. The Gloucester, New Jersey business was established in 1966.

Their website:, was built by South Jersey Websites.

Their vast and diversified vendor selection allows Glucester Plumbing Supply to cater to many markets. Kohler, Sterling, Grohe, Bertch, Moen and Swanstone are just a few of the many manufacturers that they carry.

Bath designs etc., our showroom, offers our  exceptional service and assistance needed when planning a new or remodeled bath or kitchen. Their helpful staff is available for product selection, design ideas and layout suggestions.

Visit their website at:

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