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Mobilegeddon Hits Tomorrow!

Some in the search engine world are calling it, “Mobilegeddon”, and it hits tomorrow, April 21, 2015. But what is it? Simply put, tomorrow, Google is changing it’s search algorithm. This change will put greater emphasis on mobile friendly websites. A

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What is Responsive Web Design, and Why You Need It

Over the years, website design has changed. When South Jersey Websites first started over ten years ago, computer monitors were small, so web designs were kind of narrow. The standard monitor resolution was 640 by 480. Web designs got wider

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Why You Need A Professional Email Address

A free email address just doesn’t cut it. Lots of people use free email addresses. We all have friends that have Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and even AOL email addresses. If you use an internet provider like Verizon or Comcast, you may

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SEO for Blogs – Internet Marketing 101

Author: Kevin Crawley Blog Design and Theme This is your chance to make a great first impression. Personally, I’m a fan of WordPress. However, no matter the blog publisher or website host…NEVER go with just the standard/default template that is

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Get a Blog for your Website

These days in the web design business, you hear a lot about blogging. There are sites like Twitter and Facebook that allow members to talk about themselves. More and more businesses are promoting their products and services on these social

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