How To Use Social Networking To Grow Your Online Business

How To Use Social Networking To Grow Your Online Business

Author: Bruce Carlson

Social networking is coming of age.

And people are using it for everything from getting a job…to finding long lost classmates and friends…to sharing about the newest high-tech toys…to finding a mate.

But if you’re running an online business, you probably want to use it for something more — something more closely aligned with your business goals.

… like getting new customers.

Here are 3 simple tips for growing your online business using social networking:

1) Seek out people whose interests fall into areas served by your business … and talk to them.

You first need to find people who might be prospective customers for what you are offering. And you start by using the search tools provided by the social networking site (or even tools provided by third parties) to find groups and conversations related to the areas your business serves.

Then you simply start a conversation with those people.

Just a conversation!

No pitch. No selling.

Just talk to people and listen to what they have to say.

Eventually, your expertise and *the person you are* will attract the right people — people who want to do business with you. But be patient. It won’t happen instantly!

2) Make your message unique, clear, and succinct.

When telling others what you do, make your message laser targeted, crystal clear, and as short as you possibly can without diluting it.

Speak first of a specific benefit you offer and can deliver to your ideal customer or client.

For example, if you’re in the diet niche, then you would want to craft a very short, unique message about how you help make people’s lives better by offering sound advice on diet and weight loss.

You might call this an “elevator speech in micro form”.

But don’t make your message about helping just any old person.

Craft your message so it aims directly and specifically at the people whom you most enjoy working with and helping.

Start by getting a really good idea of who these people are and what they’re like. Get as much info about them as you can possibly find through your research.

You want info like age, level of education, income level, marital status, political affiliation, outside interests, etc.

In other words, a composite picture of the person you most enjoy doing business with.

Once you have that picture in your mind, then create your message in full long form. The more laser targeted you can be towards your ideal customer, the better.

Then distill your message down to as few words as possible. Be sure to keep your main keywords intact.

Once you have that message, include it on all your social networking site profiles.

3) Seek first to help. Become a facilitator.

Social networking is about sharing information. So pass on as much helpful information to people as you can.

Since you are an expert in your niche (you are, aren’t you?), this is a great opportunity to provide information for people based on what you know and love.

Once you are seen as an expert, your status goes WAY up in the eyes of people.

Suddenly, you’re no longer JUST a “seller” of stuff! You’re now a bonafide expert who provides helpful information. And later, when people are trying to decide who to buy from, your name will come to mind.


Social networking is rapidly becoming a “mainstream” way for people to meet and speak with each other.

The potential for online business owners is huge, since this is an opportunity to learn more about what it is your customers really want so you can better serve them.

So jump in with both feet and take advantage of social networking for reaching out to your people.

Oh, and did I mention it’s fun?

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