Lunch Special Faxing Business Is Getting a New Website

Lunch Special Faxing Business Is Getting a New Website

Everyday when you go to work at the office, you get a fax, a fax you actually look forward to. It’s a fax from your favorite pizza place or your favorite sandwich shop, and they’re telling you what’s on special for lunch.

Chances are that fax actually came from Your Local Lunch Specials, Inc., an Atlantic City based business, run by Rich “The Fax Man”.

Rich’s business is the oldest lunch faxing business in existence. They’ve been at it since 1995.

Local pizza and sandwich restaurants from all over the country use their services to promote their daily specials.

Recently, they hired South Jersey Websites to redesign their outdated website. The new site will have a gallery of images, showing samples of the faxes they send.

When the new site launches, we’ll post it here.

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