Mobilegeddon Hits Tomorrow!

Mobilegeddon Hits Tomorrow!

responsiveSome in the search engine world are calling it, “Mobilegeddon”, and it hits tomorrow, April 21, 2015. But what is it?

Simply put, tomorrow, Google is changing it’s search algorithm. This change will put greater emphasis on mobile friendly websites. A mobile friendly website will be ranked higher in Google’s search results than one that isn’t.

According to an article in Search Engine Journal, this update will drastically affect how search results are presented on mobile devices, which will impact how users browse, shop, and spend their time online on their smartphone.

So how will this affect websites and their search rankings? According to Matt Southern of Search Engine Journal, organic mobile search listings, aka the “10 blue links”, will be affected. Google’s Gary Illyes recently confirmed this on Twitter in an effort to clarify some statements he made at a conference.  Illyes stated websites ranking in Google’s local pack will not be impacted by the mobile friendly algorithm, even if they do not have mobile friendly websites.

This is a bit of a relief to local businesses who don’t yet have a mobile ready website. Non-mobile friendly websites can still rank in mobile search.

But the big picture is this; Google is moving more towards giving greater mobile-friendly websites a higher ranking in the search results. Considering that more and more people use their smart phones on the internet, this shouldn’t be a big surprise.

So, if you have a business and your site isn’t mobile ready, what should you do? Simple; have your website re-designed so that it’s responsive.  A responsive website adapts to the smaller screen sizes of tablets and smart phones, and Google recognizes this responsiveness. So a responsive website has the potential to rank higher in a mobile search than one that isn’t.

This emphasis on mobile friendliness as a search ranking factor, will only continue to grow.

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