Social media marketing services – Using Twitter to broadcast your message to your targeted marketplace

Social media marketing services – Using Twitter to broadcast your message to your targeted marketplace

Author: Jeffrey Yeomans

The questions that many people have when they first start using Twitter are complex and require social media marketing training.

How do you communicate a message in 140 characters? How efficient can twitter be when individuals receive 40 to 100 tweets every 30 to 60 seconds? Can twitter be the only network in your social media strategy?

 Let us work backward and begin with the last question first; can Twitter be used effectively by itself? The answer to this question is no. Twitter ought to be used in conjunction with other social media services, blogs and websites to create a well rounds multilevel approach. It is all about using twitter to great buzz around something that you are doing or have created.

 Like other social media networks, Twitter works best when you are promoting or offering something that is at no cost. You cannot tweet direct marketing messages and be expecting to be successful. You need to provide a lot of useful subject matter, like tips, links to articles, videos etc. Your marketing message must be wrapped inside the content.

 How effective can Twitter be with so many Tweets being sent?

Yes, the people active in Twitter are receiving a lot of Tweets and as a result your message has to be of interest to your followers to get noticed. There are a lot of direct ideas and useless information hanging around Twitter as noise.

 You need to rise higher than the noise by providing attention grabbing headlines that show all the signs of quality content.

Again, do not waste you energy with a direct marketing message, since it will just get absorbed in the noise. Originate the tweet with words like; FREE, article, video and new blog post.

These words will get looked more frequently then any potential marketing message, so add in these words within your subject matter rich message for the best results. You must to get noticed to get read.

 How do you communicate a message in 140 characters? Well, this is the reason I stated that Twitter cannot be the only network in your line of attack. It would be problematical to get your full message out if this was the only medium you were using.

 If you have a blog, articles and video produced on a topic you can use Twitter as a broadcast system to tell associates about the content. Stick to the primary reason why Twitter was developed; to tell people what you are up to.

 If you use Twitter to put out a message about your new content and offer something for Free it can be very effective at driving traffic. The 140 characters you have are an adequate amount to tell people about the additional work you are doing on other social media platforms and within your market.

 Just remember not to directly market to your twitter followers.

Use your blog, articles and videos to further strengthen your content message and keep your marketing to areas where people will visit if they like your content; such as your website, signature files, author bios and your video description area.

Simply use Twitter to get individuals to those areas.

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