What Web Hosting Plan Is Right For You

As you know, South Jersey Websites offers web hosting. We actually offer three different hosting plans. They are; Basic Hosting, Business Hosting, and Hosting Plus.

So which of these plans is the right one for you? Let’s start with the Basic Plan. This hosting plan gives you 2GB of server space. That’s 2000 megabytes. That’s really plenty of server space. Its perfect for a small business or a personal site or blog. You can add email addresses at your web address too.

Just keep in mind, you’ll need to upload your site, or install programs like WordPress yourself. So with this plan you should be familiar with ftp and be able to use the cpanel control panel that comes with the hosting package. Its really not difficult, but does require some time to work with.

Our Business Hosting Plan includes more server space, 4000 megabytes. So this is great for a larger website, more databases, maybe even more photos and videos. This plan also requires that you upload your site yourself, and use cpanel to set things up.

Then there’s the Hosting Plus Plan. Not only does this come with more server space, 6000 mb, but it includes up to one hour per month of us maintaining your site. This is very convenient for busy professionals who don’t have time to edit their websites themselves. With this plan, all you need to do is email us with your changes, and we’ll take care of for you. We’ll also add email addresses for you too, for true worry free web hosting.

Each plan can be purchased by the month, by the year, and for two or three years. Each plan offers a discount when you purchase for longer periods.

If you have any questions about our hosting plans, click the hosting link on our site, or call us at: 888.529.9736.

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